BILOURA                                                                     in a few words

 BILOURA is an Intercultural Arts Collective born in 2013 in the western Alps of Italy.

Following the call of the Italian actress Silvia Ribero twenty artists from different countries met in April 2013 and the first theatre piece “LIBERI DA” was performed.


Ever since BILOURA is an international platform for performing arts research and production, with no restrictions nor boundaries among different artistic disciplines.


Main focus of BILOURA’s artistic work is the dialog between cultures and between disciplines in Art.

Bringing together artists from different cultures, backgrounds and expressive languages, new forms of artistic communication and creation are found and deepened.


As BILOURA is composed by artists coming from different countries worldwide, the performances, workshops and round tables tour both locally and internationally. BILOURA minds to reserve a free presentation to the local community that host the artists and projects.With these free presentations BILOURA aims to contribute to stabilize a diffuse circulation of Culture and Contemporary Art in decentrated areas.


In December 2008 the Cultural Association Bilou was born in the village of Alice Superiore, on the western Alps of Italy. Vittorio Bestoso (actor, director and dubber) directed the activities of the Association, building a strong relation with the community of the area and growing a various cultural offer in Valchiusella. Many cultural and theatrical activities were organized around the four year long project "The hidden Resistance". The fight for freedom of the Canavese's partisans during the Mussolini's dictatorship (1922-1943) has been at the centre of artistic meditations on civil rights, freedom, equality and  on the Constitution Act of Italy of 1947.


This project has been largely participated by the population of the area and it brought hundreds of people to the valley every year.

From 2011 the Italian actress Silvia Ribero joined the Association, until she took the direction in 2013.

The change of Artistical Direction did not change the spirit of Bilou's identity and work, much more it brought some new elements:


- Bilou opened to the Canavese, instead of working only in Valchiusella

- It also opened to the rest of the world, working internationally, inviting artists from many different countries

- The name Bilou was modified to BILOURA - Intercultural Arts Collective


From April to December 2013 the Dream Project was developed and took place in Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain. It was born from the wish of the actress Silvia Ribero to bring International Avangarde artists to Italy to open a space for discussion, sharing and creation of wide horizons and innovation.


The first experiment was a working session which lasted over eight months, in which artists could confront each other, sharing knowledge and daring new creative forms widely supported by the community. The people from Canavese hosted artists in their homes, the Community of Alice Superiore offered them a space and the necessary premises for work and the city of Ivrea gave them confidence and opportunities.

During these eight months of experimentation, the collective produced a variety of performances...


"LIBERI DA..." is a theatrical reflection on freedom, civil rights and braveness. It was staged on the anniversary of the Liberation of the fascist regime in Alice Superiore and Ivrea under the patronage of: A.N.P.I. Ivrea, Province of Turin, Comitato Provinciale Resistenza Costituzione Democrazia, Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte. This last one is a committee of the Region of Piedmont for the affirmation of the values of the Resistance and the principles of the Republican Constitution.

ACTORS: Anna Rita Anselmi, Andrea Barzaghi, Serena Bavo, Vittorio Bestoso, Chiara Bosco, Massimiliano Ciavarella,Miguel

Garcia Pablo, Silvia Ribero, Angie Rottensteiner

Behind the scene: Amandine Gros, Luca Zurzulo


APPARIZIONI”: a series of events in the summer months during which the artists of the Dream Project performed in the streets of Ivrea and Valchiusella, bringing to the public every time a different sample of the research conducted daily in the rehearsal room. To establish a simple and direct dialogue between users and supporters of theatre, so that artistic creation can be built together with the public of the Canavese. With the results of this dialogue - the performance "MADAME meDUSE" - started the first tour, which began in Italy and also took place in France and Switzerland.

CAST: Anna Rita Anselmi, Maria Buenadicha Gomez, Miguel Garcia Pablo, Silvia Ribero, Angie Rottensteiner


EL SONIDO DE LA MEMORIA" is a theatrical reflection on memory and its meaning in today's western society. Premiere and eight performances took place in Las Palmas (Spain), concluding the Dream Project. Two month of residency on the island of Gran Canaria, hosted by the artistic space "Soppa de Azul" and produced by BILOURA and "Biblioteca Insular de Gran Canaria". The residency was based on a fundamental question: how to combine tradition and modernity, past and present; not only in content but also in the forms of expression. The answers to these questions still dictate the guidelines of the artistic work of BILOURA.

Actors: Zeus Adàn, Maria Buenadicha Gomez, Miguel Garcia Pablo, Silvia Ribero, Kostantinos Ioannis Sevdalis, Angie Rottensteiner


Further more were born collaborations between the collective and other artists in the form of "guest directors". In this case independent artists came to direct some of the actors of the Dream Project.

Out of this was born NOCCIOLE DEL PIEMONTE - performance "green" for families - directed by Anna Rita Anselmi (Bologna, Italia) and Servo Muto - short film on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict directed by Ezio Partesana (Milan, Italia).