BILOURA Intercultural Arts Collective                                                                  


Born in Italy in 2013, BILOURA is an intercultural and transdisciplinary performing arts collective, composed by artists of various professional backgrounds that works with a g-local strategy between Italy and the world.

BILOURA creates cultural projects emphasising the richness of cultural diversity in order to overcome barriers, labels, prejudices and metaphysical prisons. BILOURA leads an artistic path of innovation of scenic languages and its performances, workshops, projects and various other activities are presented within the international circuits of performing arts.


BILOURA deals with issues of political relevance and social inclusion within thematic projects, seeking for each of them an appropriate and peculiar artistic language, also capable of communicating beyond the differences in language and cultural origin. It is in this context BILOURA developed its methodology of artistic creation and innovation: Cross Culture Performing Arts.

The artistic work of BILOURA wants to encourage the encounter with oneself and the other within the variety of cultural expressions. It is an artistic and political action for a less fearful, less hateful and divided global society.


Recently: selected for tutoring HANGAR POINT 8 of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Piedmont Region and Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo (Italy, 2019); winner of artistic residency at the contemporary dance space Im_Flieger in Vienna for the creation of FLESH performance (Austria, 2019); winner of the Special Mention Award for a Performance by International Artist at Bangkok Theater Festival with the show AMARSIAMORSI (Thailand, 2018); creation and organisation of CLASTIC international european art residency with the support of University College London (UK, 2018); invited to Paris - Porte de la Chapelle refugee camp – by Theatre of Hope of Good Chance Theater (UK) with ODI project (France, 2017).