BILOURA is an Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Arts Collective born in 2013 in the western Alps of Italy.
After the "call to the arts" by Italian actress Silvia Ribero, about twenty artists from different countries and different disciplines met in Valchiusella (Piedmont) and created a variety of workshops and creations.
On April 25, 2013 the first performance "LIBERI DA" was presented, sanctioning the birth of the Collective.


Ever since BILOURA is an International platform for Performing Arts research and production, with no restrictions nor boundaries among different artistic disciplines.


Main focus of BILOURA’s artistic work is the dialog between cultures and between disciplines in Art. Bringing together artists from different cultures, backgrounds and expressive languages, new forms of artistic communication and creation are found and deepened. As BILOURA is composed by artists coming from different countries worldwide, the performances, workshops and round tables tour both locally and internationally. 


BILOURA has dedicated itself, in its first years of activity, mainly to the organization of International Art exchanges in form of residencies and medium-term cultural projects that mix the performative aspect with other areas of social life: the sciences, the philosophical debate, the anthropological research, socio - political events.
BILOURA's projects and performances can be consulted on the dedicated pages, as well as scrolling through "Upcoming Events" you can get an overview of BILOURAs activities.

Since 2015, a "Formation Department" has been established within BILOURA, led by Dr. Sophie Brunodet. BILOURA's formative activities are not limited to performative arts, but are also included in the widest sense of "theater as a medium, not as a goal", within which theatrical techniques are used in combination with other training techniques in order to to obtain "creative bridge activities". The creative bridge activities are laboratory or experiential paths that deal with critical situations in terms of differences and conflict.