a visual dance performance on ab_use


FLESH is a raw, direct, explicit and arrayed reflection on the female body as object of trade, exploitation, pleasure, pain. It is a close dialogue between the intimacy and the sociability of the woman's experience within the sex market, where sexuality is not only a private issue, but also a cultural and economic one, where a woman can be ordered as menu.


Dance performance for solo-performer and visual DJ: an integrated language body + sound + images, to reflect on a complex phenomenon from a perspective that dramaturgically places the "micro" experience - individual, intimate, human - and the "macro" - business of the sex, social exclusion, illegality.

The absolute protagonist of the scene is a woman, who speaks of her body through her own body and what is evoked by it, through projected images and sound landscapes. The intimacy created on stage continually refers to a broader scenario: that of trafficking, prostitution, exploitation and marginalization. The woman on stage moves with the images and voices of millions of women who testify to the same common experience, stratified by the geographical place but sharing a global situation: a certain culture of sex that tends to be violent and leaves marks on the body of those who have passed through it.


The creation of FLESH bases on the recordings of the voices of victims of trafficking and marginalized women encountered during the field research in 2017-2018. Original compositions complete the voice material and merge into a sound design that builds the backbone of the performance. FLESH is a dance, sound and visual performance in which body language is co-primary with that of sound and image. The visual design work moves around the voices and the woman, it continually creates, transforms and redefines the space around the body and sound of FLESH, evoking scenarios that amplify the meanings of gestural narration.



FLESH is a new production of BILOURA, a work-in-progress presentation
will be presented in Vienna, Austria in summer 2020