Madame MeDUSE


Madame MeDUSE is the show of former diva who decides to tour

with a new spectacle through all countries, to return to her former glories (if they really existed).

After having casted randomly four desperate artists the little troup prepares to leave.

Soon they get to understand that they have nothing in common but their desperatness.

But the big tour has to happen anyway.


How to find back the old glory if nobody recognize the former diva?

What holds together these five desperate soals on their journey?

And what will they show to their public?


Madame MeDUSE is a tragic-comic street performance which speaks about

lost dreams, unsatisfied pleasure and the courage to fail in life.




Anna Rita Anselmi

Silvia Ribero

Miguel Garcia Pablo

Maria Buenadicha Gomez

Angie Rottensteiner



Re Nan