a performative concert about freedom



NO PANIKAS (from Latvian: do not panic) is a concert-performance with a surreal taste, which creates a festive atmosphere, in order to celebrate together with the public a regained freedom. The four characters on stage deal with the theme of freedom moving between its meanings, its limits, its paradoxes, its aberrations. By singing them, dancing them, declaiming them, playing them, the performers give the colors of freedom bodies and voices, launching provocations and reflections on global society.

NO PANIKAS is a poetic party to meet, smile at the complexity of life and artistically restore, between tradition and modernity, the meaning of the word "freedom", that is: "ability of the subject to act or not to act, without constraints or external impediments , to self-determine by choosing autonomously the ends and means suitable to achieve one's goals ".


NO PANIKAS was born from the meeting between the perfomers Silvia Ribero (Italy) and Angie Rottensteiner (Austria) of BILOURA Collective and the performers Aude Lorrillard (France) and Vita Malahova (Latvia) of I Patom Theater.

Violin, accordion, guitarre, percussion, loop machine, this is the mix of live sounds that mixes with singing voices and poetic texts. The choice of the pieces is made starting from the patrimony of popular songs of the world, arranging them in a contemporary key. To these are added their own musical compositions and moments of varied theatricality: masks, dance, narration.

NO PANIKAS is a transcultural and polyglot performance, where the word is primarily starting from the sound it produces and the expressive languages are aimed at a cosmopolitan audience.