a theatre piece for adults and children from 5


Nocciole del Piemonte is the tragicomic story of a female swan who remained alone in her home on a beautiful lake where it had always lived and never moved away from and that it cares for with infinite love.

In this peaceful place one day arrives a stranger, a female gipsy squirrel musician, who travels around the world and by its vehemence and curiosity mess up the solitude of the swan.

In addition to the turmoil it brings tales of distant lands and adventures around the world,

living happily and free hand to mouth with its violin.


Two worlds crash and desires become true:

A house on a lake surrounded by nuts tree and melons in the garden .

A trip to Russia to become a prima ballerina in the Ballet of St. Petersburg.


Will the two so different animals be brave enough to follow their dreams?



Anna Rita Anselmi, Silvia Ribero, Angie Rottensteiner


Silvia Ribero, Angie Rottensteiner


Anna Rita Anselmi


Angie Rottensteiner


BILOURA Collective