performance - concert


Whales watching in amazement as humans flee from their submerged homes.

Water-covered landing strips with small diaries floating by.

The sound of a requiem for submerged trees that once housed the nests of migratory birds.

Small grains of sand on the roof of a skyscraper.


In 2021 the music band SATOYAMA and the Intercultural Performing Arts Collective BILOURA joined together to create SINKING ISLANDS: a dreamlike and imaginative journey where music and performance, sound and movement fuse together for a common goal: to use artistic languages to address the climate urgency of the rising seas due to anthropogenic cause.



Silvia Ribero | performer, voice

Angie Rottensteiner | performer, violin

Luca Benedetto | performer, trumpet and synth

Christian Russano | performer, guitar

Marco Bellafiore | performer, double bass

Gabriele Luttino | performer, percussions


Marco Perino | sound

Michel Domaine |  videomaker

Andrea Carlotto | editing video

Davide Bruschetta | foto

Federico Russano | light

Sara Casiccia | poetry


Grazie a Teatro Bertagnolio di Chiaverano, Morenica, Renato Cravero, ZAC!, Giulio Cristofori, Alessandro Beata