Without memory, there is no culture

Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future


Following an invitation of the Biblioteca Insular of Gran Canarias, Spain in autumns 2013 five artists of BILOURA Intercultural Theatre Collective moved to Las Palmas. Within two months they developed in collaboration with the Art space Soppa de Azul the theatre piece Sound of Memory’.


In this work BILOURA reflected not only on memory, but also on what could happen without it,

and strongly linked this reflection to nowadays life in Western Society.

Working with traditional material like ancient myths and songs that transmit knowledge, the collective

made a connection to the significance of memory in our times.


The work was presented in Soppa de Azul, el Gallinero café teatro and Biblioteca Insular in Las Palmas.




Silvia Ribero, Miguel Garcia Pablo, Maria Buenadicha Gomez,

Konstantinos Iannis Sevdalis, Angie Rottensteiner




Zeus Adàn

BILOURA Intercultural Arts Collective




Yoni Patron