a theatre piece about death



"An ironical, poetic, absurd and touching wake.
Five characters accompany the audience on a journey through the inexpressible and the ephemeral,

revealing the strengths and weaknesses of the human in front of death."


The scene opens with a wake, a custom recurrent in many places of the world, including our own: friends, relatives and acquaintance of the deceased in the same place for long hours to say goodbye and console each other.

BUT! Many hours in the same place can give rise to unusual situations and even paradoxical happenings. Therefore  "SPIRO" slips in comic,poetic and absurd directions. The characters reveal their personalities, their relationships, their secrets through the composition of sound, movements and images as a tableau vivant.



Eduardo Augusto Colombo, Silvia Ribero, Tiago Viudes, Victor Kanashiro, Angie Rottensteiner


Tiago Viudes

Choreography Flamenco

Raffaella Soluri

African Dance

Lenna Bahule

Traditional Dance of Okinawa

Satoru Saito


composition and arrangements by BILOURA

Graphic and video Italy

Raffaele Diomede

Graphic Brazil

Alex Hoera

Video Brazil

Raphael Calheiros

Press Officer Italy

Jacopo Sant

Press Agency Brazil

Nossa Senhora da Pauta


Sophie Brunodet and Victor Kanashiro

Artistic Direction

Silvia Ribero and Angie Rottensteiner



Supported by:

 Comune di Agliè, Comune di Alice Superiore, Comune di Candia Canavese, Comune di Ivrea, Comune di Torre, Brillor, NovaCoop, University of Turin - Polo OfficinaH, Festival La Grande Invasione, ZAC!, A.E.G., Cooperativa Paulista de Teatro, Direto da Serra, SAT - Sociedade Ambiental Amigos de Taiaçupeba, Casa Parintins, SAMAÚMA - Residência Artística Rural, Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrate/POIESIS