BILOURA is characterized by a theatre that melts musical and sounding atmospheres, physical theatre, images, dancing expressions and words into a unique expressive language. BILOURA's way of understanding theatre is a blend of performative and visual arts in the wake of the so-called tableau vivant.


BILOURA’s artists develop the creative material starting from urgent topics in contemporary society striving for a political theatre that affronts and deepens important issues. Therefore they give space to social and cultural activities to stimulate debates.


Furthermore BILOURA is looking for the balance between tradition and contemporaneity inside performing arts.

In this groove cultural sensibility becomes an important part of the creative process as it influences its results.
BILOURA constantly nourish and transform the artistic process of creation and composition by melting different cultural sensibilities into Art.




The actor's practice is fundamental in BILOURA's work.

Based on the believe that, as for a musician, the daily practice is a must, with or without an imminent concert, so the actor should work independently from a particular performance.


But what to practice?

The answer is: everything!

The actor uses on stage everything of himself.

Voice, body, creativity, emotions, presence...


When BILOURA is not rehearsing a show their daily practice is about 5h long in order to keep the body, voice and creativity in movement. The elements and exercises which compose its structure are varigate and are selected from body and voice techniques from all around the world like: Linklater, Satria, Yoga, Ballet, Kalaripayattu, Grotowski, meditation, acrobatic and many more.