European Residency of Artistic Exchange


CLASTIC is a one-week residency project exploring the heritage of European performing arts through artistic exchange and collaborative creation. The residency will host 5 performing arts groups from all around Europe to live together for a week, share their practices and devise a performance in the context of an international artistic community.


The residence will take place from

14 to 21 July 2018 in Valchiusella, Italy

concluding the work with a final performance on the

20 July 2018 at ZAC Ivrea at 9PM


Europe is living today a process of social, political and cultural disintegration. Whole populations are disconnected from their pasts as they are forced to emigrate while tradition is born as a burden by those who have inherited it and used as a principle for the exclusion of others. CLASTIC is born from the desire to bind together the diversity of European fragments into a solid community of artists through the cultural forces of artistic sharing rather than the economic forces of market exchange. CLASTIC will explore the European heritage of performing arts as a meeting point between the past and the future that can generate engaged performing art in the present.


CLASTIC is organized by Elena Brea and #BILOURA Collective, with the support of Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University College London.