A longterm project about DEATH


The project EFFIMERIA was born from a simple observation: the experiences around death – in our society - are lived, for the vast majority, badly. And we do not mean much to the dying, as to the living. Those who remain are alone, in pain, often angry and almost always lacking the tools to cope with the grief. For this reason the theme of death is also about life and our quality of life giving light to the possibility to live these moments in a less traumatic way and even draw lessons.

Following a first research on the topic it turned obvious that it was not enough to approach this difficult topic 'only' with a theater piece but a multitude of artistic and philosophical languges was need. From this moment was born the longterm project "EFFIMERIA" which aimes to propose a series of events around the topic of death.


The first step of EFFIMERIA took place in Canavese - Italy in between April and October 2015 presenting several events on the territory including a theatre production, conferences, cultural and artistic interventions and social activities.


The secons step of EFFIMERIA took place in Brazil in between December and March 2016 where the theatre production SPIRO toured and the issues around death were deepened wih severeal events around this topic.


The third step of EFFIMERIA was realized in from autumn 2016 to 2017 in Northern Italy proposing a series of events to the region of Canavese. Aiming to deepen the issues around death and remeet the public of the territory after a first meeting in 2015.

  EFFIMERIA teaser created in Italy in 2015 as a first step of the project

EFFIMERA is a reflection about Death as a master of Life, as food for thoughts on HOW we conduct our life: how we spend our days, which value we give to them and what alternatives we can choose every day.

How ephemeral (effimere) is our life?

The answer is different for each one of us. BILOURA wants to create a space where questions can be asked and answers can be compared with others, including the ones from different cultures or our past.

To speak about death is a necessity. First because almost no one wants to speak about it – a clear sign for the urgency of EFFIMERIA. Second because what is not socialized leaves the individual alone in his fears. For this reason it’s fundamental to share.


With the longterm project EFFIMERIA, BILOURA proposes a series of events on the territory of Canavese and tours through different countries by using a variety of languages like theatre, conferences and conviviality to create this shared space. To realize this we already faced a long research on funeral and death rituals from our past and from other cultures. Trying to capture the more poetic and levity sides of death we asked consolation to professionals from humanistic, sanitary, anthropological, nutritionist and legislative fields.

Crowdfunding campaign for the project in 2015