"ODI" which means "odes" and "hate", is a theatre + ethnic-video-documentary project started in August 2015 in Valchiusella - Italy, where a group of about 30 refugees, all coming from Nigeria, was hosted.

After a first workshop-documentary session, BILOURA decided to put all their effort in transforming "ODI" in a long-term artistic project about interculturality and cultural integration.


The participants of the first working session "ODI" did not only express trough theatre and interviews the tragedies they have passed trough for crossing Northern Africa and Mediterranean See in order to find a better and safer life in Europe. They also present themselves in front of a public as talented people, they express their wishes for the future... So similar to the ones of european citizens.

Doing so they concretely scratch the wall between locals and immigrants, as it is often the impossibility of recognizing and of being recognized that lies at the base of racism episodes.


Moreover, the artistic path of the group was documented by philosopher, director and anthropologist Sara Casiccia, whom presented "ODI" first session as master-thesis at the University of Anthropology of Turin. The documentary is a precious tool for raising awareness among a large, international public, allowing the voice of dialogue between cultures to spread, especially in Europe where the refugees-issue is now problematic and possibly dangerous.




Short Documentary Trailer about the project