The workshop offers an insight in BILOURAs practice, its creation and composition exercises and its philosophical perspective. A fragment of what BILOURA has found so far, over the years, moving towards a transdisciplinary and intercultural theatre. These two terms indicate a drive, a comet to the deconstruction of boundaries and walls of various kinds, both artistic and socio-political.



The meaning of the word BILOURA is “here and now” and defines one of the core task of performers: presence-skills development. This feature is used within BILOURA not only as a practice, but also as a tool for creation and for composition.

BILOURA has researched since its very beginning in the field of presence techniques, using transdisciplinary and intercultural strategies, in order to shape or remould exercises, developing a methodology for creation through presence.


Throughout the artistic research of the last years, BILOURA developed its own dramaturgy style, called Poetic Landscapes, which became the base for the artistic creations of the Collective.

For entering in this way of creating and performing, BILOURA proposes diverse exercises for improving the ability of listening, the connection with intuition, the open and free response to impulses, and the expansion of the attention.


As BILOURAs creations aim an expression through multiple artistic languages, the workshop is open to artists from various disciplines.


If your interested in the workshop, please contact us: