Zona Franca is an experiential and creative workshop for heterogeneous groups of women, in which art is promoted as a tool for the well-being of the person and of relationships. Zona Franca is a time space of simple and fundamental self-involvement and relationship with the others. Zona Franca puts self-awareness and belonging to a group as rich sources of energy at center of the creative work. Offering women coming from various experiences and cultures a reserved creative space means putting at their disposal a place to find and build trust, security and freedom. For that Zona Franca aims to be a Free Zone (italian Zona Franca).



• Offer women a space for themselves, where they can be welcomed and accompanied to express their personality and uniqueness, with no other purpose than to be themselves
• Favor the relationship between women of different origins, ages, experiences, in an informal, playful and socializing environment
• To value the variety of cultures of women, favoring the intercultural encounter


Depending on the setting, Zona Franca can be divided into weekly or monthly meetings, from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 appointments lasting two and a half hours.



If your interested in the workshop, please contact us: