BILOURA Intercultural Arts Collective


BILOURA invited for a 3-month residency to South Korea in 2021!

BILOURA won a 3-month residency at the ACC Asian Cultural Center of Gwangju.

With its new project SILENT VOICES, BILOURA will create a performance around

prostitution, trafficking and female exploitation with three South Korean artists.


BILOURA new production FLESH in Vienna in August 2020!

BILOURA won an artistic residency im_Flieger in Austria

Dance performance art space in Vienna under the direction of choreographer Anita Kaya.

In august 2020 BILOURA will work on its recent performance FLESH,

with finale presentation on september the 5th 2020!


BILOURA's won Corto Circuito 2020 by Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo!

We are looking forward to bring a performing arts season to Valchiusella, Italy


Bangkok Theatre Festival Thailand 2018

BILOURA Collective is honoured to have received the

"Special Mention Award for a Performance by International Artist"

with the show AMARSIAMORSI at BangkokTheatreFestival2018.

Our gratitude to all the wonderful staff and public of #BTF2018,

to its Artistic Director Pradit Prasartthong and to the

BTF Award Committee International Artists that awarded us:

Asst. Prof. Bhanbhassa Dhubthien, Asst. Prof. Pattra Toburin and Dr. Alongkot Maiduang